Welcome to VHH’s blog!

Welcome to Vibrant Health Homeopathy’s blog!  The content is
designed for inspiration, sharing whole health tips, research and findings, and refreshment.  It is my hope that any material shared here will be passed on to reach those who can benefit most.  It is very apparent that we, as a nation, are at a critical point with our ill health. I believe there are real solutions for
each individual whose health is out of balance and that these solutions are safe, gentle, and effective.

I am not a “new age health goddess”, but rather a single mom with two teenage boys–seeking to raise them well and cultivate and share my passion for homeopathy,  whole food nutrition, and a balanced life. My mission is to help others achieve their optimal health through these holistic means.  It is so inspiring to see others regain their health, or experience it for the first time, and, as a result, lead more joy-filled lives.

The blogs will consist of excerpts from published writings of medical and naturopathic doctors, medical researchers, and clinical nutritionists about amazing health findings and their practical solutions for the whole spectrum of chronic diseases. To
balance all that serious stuff, I will share inspirational quotes and very healthy recipes too.  Your comments and
personal stories are welcome! To your best health!

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