Protecting Homeopathy

As a homeopath and an active member of the National Center for Homeopathy, I recently received a letter from the president outlining the real and current threats to homeopathy here and abroad; and such, am compelled to share the news in my blog.


The ultimate goal is to protect and promote this 200-year-old system of medicine used successfully by over 200 million patients worldwide. “It has a laudable and extensively documented clinical record and there are a large number of high quality, peer-reviewed basic science, pre-clinical and clinical studies showing it works.”


It is safe and effective and it works! Therein lies the threat to big business.


  • ·         “Major class action lawsuits against remedy manufacturers in California…
  • ·         The Nightingale Collaboration in Britain asking people to report to the Advertising Standards Authority in Britain any homeopaths ‘who are making claims directly or indirectly that homeopathy and homeopathic products can diagnose/treat/help health conditions.
  • ·         Actions by the Australian Health Ethics Committee—seeking to stop the practice of homeopathy in Australia—calling it unethical.
  • ·         Continuing efforts in the U.S. to pressure large retailers like Wal-Mart and CVS to pull all homeopathic products from their shelves. 
  • ·         Editorials in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) attacking Boiron for protecting the interests of homeopathy.
  • ·         And now the U.S. industry front groups, Center for Inquiry and the Center for Skeptical Inquiry, are pressuring federal agencies to ban the sale of homeopathic remedies in the U.S.


These threats are dangerously real.  At no time in the last 75 years have business interests organized so broadly to discredit homeopathy. Their tools are sophisticated, multi-faceted and well funded.


…National Center for Homeopathy remains on the vanguard of every effort to blunt the attempts being made to damage this grand system of medicine.  We are assisting and supporting remedy manufacturers in their defense against the malicious and frivolous class-action law suits they face…We are collaborating with our European allies…and …monitoring closely the efforts of the business front-groups like CSI and SFI, the James Randi Educational Foundation…and other organizations so as to anticipate and thwart their intensive efforts to destroy homeopathy.


Proactively—we continue to build one of the most sophisticated research databases on homeopathy available anywhere in the world. We are also mounting an aggressive campaign in Washington, D.C. to help shape the healthcare debate to include homeopathy while helping to educate key congressmen and congresswomen on the benefits of homeopathy…


Building the NCH research database to make the case for homeopathy is time consuming…managing a complex media response effort…and creating dynamic content on our NCH website emphasizing the facts about homeopathy [are] expensive.  But the important part: Facts matter and they are on our side.


If you want to help stop those seeking to destroy homeopathy, NCH gratefully accepts contributions. They are tax deductible. Mail to National Center for Homeopathy, 101 S. Whiting Street, Suite 315, Alexandria, VA 22304, or visit, or call 703-548-7790.


Thank you.


(Source: October 2011 letter from Nancy Gahles, DC, CCH, RSHom(NA), President of National Center for Homeopathy.)

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