Enzymes – The Gift of Life!

Vitamins and minerals are familiar to most of us, but you may not realize that vitamins aren’t activated until they join enzymes.  Most Americans have a very pronounced enzyme deficiency, which leads to all sorts of medical problems.


The following is a quote from “Don’t Dine without Enzymes”, by Viktoras Kulvinskas:

“The word “enzyme” comes from the Greek word enzymas, which means “to ferment” or “cause a change”.  Enzymes are the foundation for all cell regeneration. Enzymes play a key role in the transformation of undigested food into the nutrients that are absorbed on the cellular level.  With proper nutrition, we have the energy to participate in that dance we call life.


An enzyme is a specialized protein structure, which carries with it an energetic charge. Enzymes speed up chemical reactions that normally take place very slowly or not at all.  It is the energy behind the protein structure that makes enzymes different from other protein-based substances.  It is this energetic life principle that animates all living forms and runs the whole show we call life.


Enzymes are much more sensitive to destruction by heat or cold than vitamins and minerals.  Food cooked over 118 degrees for more than a half an hour will kill all naturally occurring enzymes.  In the event that dry heat is used, the critical temperature for enzyme destruction is about 150 degrees F.


Viktoras goes on to say, ‘I have eaten aspergillus plant digestive enzymes for over thirty years.  I have also experimented with other animal and vegetarian-based enzymes such as pancreatin, pepsin, papain and bromelaine.  I have concluded that for myself as well as for my clients that aspergillus enzymes are the best – none of these other enzyme sources can come close in the actual results experienced.’


In nature, all undomesticated animals eat an enzyme-rich diet.  They live out their full-intended life span.  Humans are the only species that nourish themselves on a cooked, largely enzymeless diet.  Our longevity could be increased if we ate more whole foods with an emphasis on uncooked foods.


Enzymes are the ‘true workers’ in and out of our cells.”


Viktoras Kulvinskas is a well known author and the father of the raw foods movement. Mr. Kulvinskas’ 30 minute lecture on enzymes is available on the Natural Health Workshop, recorded on November 12, 2011. Go to: http://www.naturalhealthworkshop.org/teleconferences.html.

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