Contagion Season!

The flu is nothing to sneeze at! We tend to fear it because we know it wreaks havoc and takes lives. The movie, Contagion, was a Hollywood blockbuster, outselling all other movies in its opening weekend last fall.  In a recent article Homeopathy Today, Winter 2011, there aresome startling facts about past epidemics that have swept around our globe.


“Spanish flu” was the last big epidemic around 1918. It killed more people than all those who died in combat during World War I.  The worldwide death toll was estimated at 21,642,274.  Most of the lives lost were in Asia and India. From August 1918 until July 1919, 20 million Americans had become sick and more than 500,000 had died.


Homeopathy was used very successfully during this epidemic outbreak.  The death rate for those who sought treatment from conventional physicians was about 30%, while the death rate for those who sought homeopathic treatment was only 1.5%.  You can find out more about this horrific event of the early 1900’s by reading The Homeopathic Treatment of Influenza—Surviving Influenza Epidemics and pandemics past, Present and Future with Homeopathy by Sandra J. Perko.


Being under the weather with sniffles and aches and pains does not necessarily mean you have the flu. It is more likely that you are a little run down and need to heed the gentle warning signs. It is always good to pay attention to your diet, drink more water, take gentle exercise, and get more sleep.  If this general malaise is a frequent issue, it is a sign you need homeopathic treatment for the underlying weakness in your constitution.


Flu affects large numbers of the population around the same time and is highly contagious. As a powerful epidemic illness, a common symptom pattern usually emerges in most sufferers. Flu comes on rather suddenly, with a high fever, body aches, lethargy, and a flushed face. It may also include vomiting and dizziness. While the flu symptoms may last only a week to ten days, severe respiratory symptoms like bronchitis or even pneumonia can arise.  There may also be a feeling of exhaustion after a bad flu that can last for weeks or longer. Careful use of homeopathic remedies can dramatically improve the recovery time.  An important point to remember is to avoid the use of aspirin during flu symptoms because it could cause complications.


My lecture topic on January 27th (from 5:30 to 6:20pm) during Encinitas Wellness Week is “Natural Soothes for Winter Blues: Homeopathy for Cold, Cough and Flu Season”. The Encinitas Library is hosting the lectures where I will cover lots of great remedies for these winter complaints as well as prevention and wellness tips. Here is the link to the calendar of events:






Contagion Season! The Flu and You: What to Do, By Mary Aspinwall; National Center For, Homeopathy Today, Winter 2011

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