How do diets heal us? Part 1 of 4

“The body has God-given remedial capabilities to heal itself, once you leave out the cause of disease. Diet is the key. What you leave out of your diet completely is what heals you.”

This quote and the following excerpts are from “How To Go Raw” by Matt Monarch, Raw Food Educator and Author of the book “Raw Spirit” available at


(While ‘going raw’ is a radical idea for many of us, he is not saying we have to do that to be healthy. He simply drives home the key point of eliminating foods that make us ill. I believe this and have witnessed this in my own life and am happy to share his viewpoints with you.)


The following information is for education only and is not meant to diagnose, prescribe,

or treat illness. It is valuable to seek the advice of an alternative health care professional

before making any changes.


Many people ask me, “How do I become Raw?” First off, you don’t need to be 100%

Raw to be healthy. You can be very healthy on an intermediate transition diet without

taking it to such an extreme as I have with the 100% Raw Food Diet. I know how

difficult it is. I am doing it!


So…How does one begin the journey to better health? There are a lot of diets out on

the market today. I am sure you have heard about a few such as the Zone Diet,

Macrobiotics Diet, South Beach Diet, Maker’s Diet and others. Now I don’t like to

discount any of these programs because they all produce positive results. I have

personally witnessed people lose weight and heal from degenerative diseases after

adopting these diet plans. There is one common denominator that explains why these

programs succeed: they all require people to leave out certain foods from their diets

without cheating! Foods like refined sugar and processed starches are completely

omitted. Because of this, a person’s health improves considerably. The reason the 100%

Raw Food Diet is the greatest diet in the world is because you leave out everything that

could make you ill and only keep in the best of foods.


It is critically important to understand that what you leave out of your diet completely

without cheating is the way to ultimate health. What you don’t eat is actually more

important than what you do eat. I don’t care if you eat Raw Foods until you are blue

in the face. You are not going to fully heal unless you eliminate the cause, which means

omitting certain foods from your diet. I like to break foods down into the following five



􀂙 Animal Protein

􀂙 Dairy

􀂙 Refined Sugar – Cake, Cookies, Candy, Bakery items

􀂙 Processed Starches – Bread, Pasta, Cereal

􀂙 Raw Vegan Foods – Vegetables, Fruits, Nuts, Seeds, and Sprouts


If what we leave out of our diet completely without cheating is the way to ultimate

health, then it makes sense to first eliminate the food groups that are most damaging to

the body. The two most damaging food groups are the refined sugars and processed

starches. THAT IS THE SECRET! That is what all those other diets do. Their plans

require that you leave out the refined sugars and processed starches without cheating! If

you can do that alone, you are on your way to ultimate health. You can do that and live a

very healthy life. I also recommend staying away from red meat and cow’s dairy

products. Those are not good at all.


When you leave these certain foods out completely without cheating, this is when your body transforms, this is when your chemistry evolves, this is when your body becomes a moreRECEPTIVE, IN-TUNE MACHINE…


To be continued next week…

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