How do diets heal us? Part 2 of 4

This quote and the following excerpts are from “How To Go Raw” by Matt Monarch, Raw Food Educator and Author of the book “Raw Spirit” available at

Now let’s talk about that second half of the phrase, WITHOUT CHEATING. If you cheat, even if it is only every once in awhile, you don’t give your body the freedom to take its healing to the next level…

 Our cells are filled with waste from all the years of poor eating and they have expanded and grown to accommodate this waste. A certain amount of detoxification always takes place immediately as soon as the quantity of drug or food is reduced. However, the body holds onto the toxins stored at a deep cellular level until the source of that particular toxin is stopped completely. To experience the next level of health, these buried poisons must be released. When you actually eliminate the drugs or foods completely, the toxins will leave your cells and now your body will have the freedom and the strength to take its healing to the next level.

 Once given this permission, the body will move toward even more perfection, and start to eliminate other toxins stored in various places throughout the body, making you cleaner and more sensitive. If you try to go backward, your now healthier, more refined system will not tolerate what it used to with the same silence. As you become cleaner your body will say, okay, you can’t eat that food now without getting a runny nose, fatigue, headache, belly ache, and so on. If you stay consistent, the body will continue to detoxify and you will continue to feel better and better. Once the cells take their healing to the next level, you may find foods that never gave you a problem in the past are now unworthy to enter your cleaner system.


To be continued next week…

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