How do diets heal us? Part 3 of 4

The following excerpts are from “How To Go Raw” by Matt Monarch, Raw Food Educator and Author of the book “Raw Spirit” available at


Perhaps you are one of those rare individuals who will go to the next level of health by

leaving certain foods out of your diet completely without cheating. More than likely

you will experience the Famous Detox. Our bodies are comprised of millions of cells.

These cells have been forced to inflate and expand in size to accommodate all the waste

stored in our bodies from years of poor eating. The waste is stored as gaseous carbonic

acid. Once the harmful foods have been eliminated completely from your diet, the body

doesn’t have to work on those processed ingredients anymore and immediately starts

improving your cellular chemistry. Your oversized cells contract, shrink, and they

begin to pour out that gaseous waste. This “outpour” detox can be very uncomfortable.

People get sick, feel ill or moody, and go through intense cravings for foods they used to

eat. Usually we blame the diet, become convinced it’s not working and start suspecting

it could even be dangerous, and then we either quit or cheat.

I have found the best way to keep up with all this waste being eliminated is something

called Colon Hydrotherapy or Colonics. The colon is the central waste station of the

human organism. All the waste comes here, including residue from the foods we eat,

environmental toxins, chemicals and drugs. Even if you have bowel movements three

times a day, on a cellular level most of us are clogged up like a stopped sink. A filthy

colon is where all disease begins. I recommend everyone do a series of colonics when

they start to detox after an improved diet.


Colonics remove the solid waste from our colon, but that is not the main objective. Many

colon machines have a viewing window where you can look at what is coming out of

your colon during the session. In addition to solid waste, you can also see many tiny

bubbles leaving the body. The bubbles are that carbonic acid gaseous waste! That is

what we are most interested in getting rid of. There have been many examples of

people’s rings falling off their fingers during a colonic. Why does this happen? Our

fingers are comprised of thousands of cells. That solid matter, our finger, is a puzzle

piece of cells. Remember, our cells have expanded and become bigger to accommodate

that carbonic acid gaseous waste. When these clogged people did a colonic, they

“unclogged the sink” and that gaseous waste was free to leave their cells. This

release of carbonic acid allowed the cells to shrink and become smaller, which shrunk

their fingers, causing the rings to fall off. They deflated! You can sometimes see when

people are kind of inflated and need to get this done. If a series of Colonics is not

possible at this time, a good alternative is a Colema Board®, a less expensive at-home

colon hydrotherapy system, which you can read about on our website,


Dr. Fred Bisci, Dr. Norman Walker, The Ann Wigmore Institute, Hippocrates Health

Institute, Creative Health Institute, and many other reputable individuals and

organizations for health all strive to help people heal. They use these principles that I

have just shared with you. Each makes sure to offer three things: diet plans that eliminate

certain foods completely without cheating, they administer colonics to everyone, and they

also give everyone Green Vegetable juices.


To be continued next week…

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