Bill’s Testimony

About twelve years ago, when I was beginning to practice homeopathy, the husband of a friend of mine approached me wanting to try homeopathy for himself. Following is his inspiring testimony that he gave after just several months of care. This real life story is about the amazing ability of homeopathy and is worthy of sharing.

“… I would like to tell my testimony.  When I first went to Lynn I was in what I would consider the worst time of my life.  I was severely depressed and I had insomnia and night terrors.  I had tried everything, such as antidepressants, over the counter drugs and muscle relaxers.   I still was not getting any relief; in fact I ended up with extra side effects.   I didn’t know much about Homeopathic medicine so I decided to give it a try and after only a couple of treatments with Lynn I noticed a big difference in the way I felt.  After continued treatment, my insomnia, night terrors and depression went away.  If it wasn’t for Lynn’s treatment I don’t know where I would be.  Not only do I recommend Homeopathic medicine, but I also highly recommend Lynn, she is extremely caring, patient and understanding.” Bill M.

Do you or someone you know suffer with insomnia? Let’s talk about some real solutions. Lynn at 760-458-0640.

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