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John Robbins is one of the most passionate and articulate activists of the real food movement in America…John has become one of our country’s foremost champions for expanding our social conscience and acting as a pivotal catalyst for transforming our vision of America.

When Awareness Magazine asked him to comment on the major trends he sees converging and emerging in these times, John responds:

Honestly, I see a collision taking place. On the one hand, Wal-Mart is now selling 25 percent of the food purchased in grocery stores and supermarkets. Monsanto is seeking to increase their control over our food policies. Fast-food chains and industrial food systems are profiting while seeking to increase their dominance in the market. Along with that, you have an increase in genetically-engineered acreage.

On the other hand – and this is the collision taking place—there are increasing numbers of people who want their food to carry a decreased carbon footprint. They want locally-grown and healthier foods, not food that has been genetically engineered. They also want to have a food-production system that is sustainable—friendly to the earth, friendly to the consumer, to the farm worker.

There’s a growing awareness that food should be healthy, not a health hazard. So you have these two forces in our society and they are colliding with each other. They want different things so they are in conflict and it plays out in everyone’s lives—at every dinner table, in every supermarket checkout stand and every restaurant.

It plays out on every farm and in our commodity programs. Are we going to have a greener diet that’s going to be more earth-friendly or are we going to have a greener diet in the sense that it’s going to the highest bidder so the decisions are defined by money?

McDonalds, Monsanto, WalMart are on one side of this battle, and on the other side are people like me and Michael Pollan and Jonathan Safran Foer and Kathy preston and Andy Weil and a whole lot of people including researchers like Dean Ornish and Caldwell Esselstyn and scientists like Colin Campbell.

A tremendous amount of evidence is surfacing about the health consequences of these two directions. One is leading to greater health for people and the other, to deteriorating health.

The industrial food machine is why we have the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) telling us one-third of our adolescents will develop diabetes. What’s at stake is our personal health and possibly the stability of our planet and the viability of civilization.

Excerpts from: John Robbins, Vibrant Visionary, by Donna Strong, printed in Awareness Magazine, March/April 2012


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