Make your Travel Kit

There are many natural homeopathic medicines available at most health food stores in the supplement section that can relieve a variety of complaints ranging from indigestion and heartburn to muscle pain to flu and cold symptoms. I recommend 30c potency. Here are a few:

  • Aconitum napellus: Taken at the onset of a cold if symptoms appear from exposure to strong fans or air conditioning.
  • Arsenicum album: Symptoms of food poisoning such as vomiting or diarrhea. Person usually has the chills and feels restless.
  • Arnica Montana: First remedy to consider for trauma and injuries, falls, bruises, sprains. Helps to relieve inflammation and pain, and promote healing.
  • Belladonna: Sudden, intense symptoms from overheating, including fever, red face, hot skin, and extreme sensitivity to light and jarring all suggest a need for this remedy.
  • Calendula: Made from Marigold flowers, Calendula can be taken topically in a gel or cream form for abrasions, sunburns, chapped and dry skin. It promotes healing and helps to fight infection.
  • Cocculus: The best motion sickness remedy for long car and boat rides.
  • Nux vomica: This is the remedy for over indulgence; too much food and alcohol. Symptoms from pushing your body just a bit too far including nausea, vomiting, headaches and hangovers.
  • Oscillococcinum “Ossies”: The number one choice for OTC medicine for flu; if taken at first sign of flu, can significantly reduce duration and intensity of symptoms; indicated for fever, chills, body aches and pains; a good choice when there are no other defining symptoms than these indicated; need only take about 1/3 of vial per dose, not entire contents as indicated.

In an acute illness, we match the symptoms carefully to the best homeopathic medicine we can find.  Three pellets are taken every one to two hours under the tongue until we see improvement. If there is no improvement after three doses, then we try the next indicated remedy. If the symptoms improve, we discontinue dosing, only re-dosing if the symptoms reoccur. There are many homeopathic books available as great reference material for home use for relief of common complaints. Quite often the health food stores will have homeopathic charts for handy reference.

You can be confident that homeopathic medicines are non-toxic with no side effects. They are safe and effective for children and adults; FDA approved since 1938, and used by millions of people worldwide.

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