Vibrant Health Homeopathy offers Metabolic Balance weight loss program in Spring 2013!

A Holistic Approach to Transformative Weight Loss


Turn on the TV, open up a magazine, surf the Internet, or listen to the radio and it is impossible to avoid reading, seeing, or hearing about a new “miracle” diet that promises quick weight loss. With approximately 72.5 million obese American adults, and the Center for Disease Control reporting that at any given time two-thirds of all Americans are on a diet to lose weight or prevent weight gain, the weight loss industry is growing in leaps and bounds. At present it enjoys revenues estimated at $34 billion annually.

Alarmed by similar statistics in his homeland of Germany, Wolf Funfack, M.D., founder of Metabolic Balance®, decided to apply his 16 years of research into countless ineffective diet programs, to creating an innovative approach to weight loss that just made sense. One that relies on years of scientific evidence, the wisdom of the body and that of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who believed that food should be medicine and medicine should be food.

In Hippocrates lifetime, the word diet meant “way of life” and its purpose was to heal, much like Funfack’s Metabolic Balance, which combines the promotion of health and holistic management of weight in a way that eliminates pills, powders, pre-packaged meals, fasting, starving, counting calories, and more importantly, guilt and regret. “If we knew exactly what we could and should eat, we could enjoy feasting while doing something good for our health and  regulating our weight permanently,” says Funfack, who adds that from experience the concept is not the least bit Utopian or unrealistic.

An internal specialist and nutritionist, Dr. Funfack, with his research team worked to create a personal nutrition plan which for the first time takes into consideration an individual’s unique metabolism. Rather than generically applied guidelines, Metabolic Balance is a customized program and uses data from a participant’s lab results with personal information such as height, weight, measurements, medications and health conditions such as diseases and allergies. Each individual is under the guidance of a certified personal coach, who acts as a helping hand in attaining their body’s ideal weight, a goal accomplished by eating wholesome foods and stabilizing insulin levels. The four phase program acts as a nutritional road-map, leading a participant to a new way of life void of hunger and cravings; and includes the blood tests, scientifically designed personalized food list, detailed menu plan and recipes.

Due to poor eating habits and the Standard American Diet, or S.A.D., characterized by a high intake of carbohydrates, sweets, bad fats, red meats, and processed foods, most individuals do not get the nutrients necessary for their endocrine system to maintain a healthy hormonal balance and thereby, a  healthy metabolism and weight.

Dr. Funfack will be hosting a three-day Certification Seminar for new Metabolic Balance coaches on February 22–24 at the Jamaica Bay Inn, 4175 Admiralty Way, Marina del Rey. For information on how to attend and integrate this proven method into a business, visit or call  619-894-7893.

Funfack notes that the word “metabolism” is derived from metabolë, a Greek word meaning change, and diet from the Greek diaita, which means “way of life.” He says the Metabolic Balance program not only changes the body, but can transform our lifestyle and our perspective on maintaining a healthy weight. “With Metabolic Balance, you put your body’s organs and systems on a path of health while you naturally burn fat and shed pounds,” he advises. “Just as Hippocrates believed, and as we have seen proved in our independent scientific study, published inThe Journal of Nutrition and Metabolism, food is indeed Nature’s medicine for your body’s overall health and its ability to maintain your ideal weight for life,” says Funfack.

Many who resolve to lose weight in the New Year will be looking for a proven weight loss solution and participating in the Metabolic Balance program will allow them to achieve this goal while using a natural, healthy and sustainable method.

This article appears in the January 2013 issue of SAND

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