Homeopathy is a one of the most trusted and widely practiced complementary medicines in the world. It is the preferred choice for millions worldwide because it is safe, gentle and effective.

The concept is: Treat the root of the problem, not just the symptoms, with natural ingredients.

Do you experience…

Low energy?

A lack of strength to improve your situation?

Feelings of depression and anxiety?

Long term stress?

The need for support?

The desire to have clarity and control?

Wanting to clear habitual, unhealthy patterns?

I was diagnosed with anxiety and depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder earlier in my life. The prescribed medications I received were not the answer I was seeking.  Years later I found Homeopathy–an incredible, powerful and natural system of medicine. It worked for me in a profound way. I experienced, as countless others have, the removal of emotional blocks and trauma, uncovering the real me, the joyful me, that was there underneath those protective yet dysfunctional layers.

It gave me the strength and clarity to create the life I desire. Today, I dedicate my practice to adults suffering from the effects of long term stress or trauma, no matter the circumstances.

Are you ready to try an amazing and gentle system of medicine that has been used successfully for over 200 years? I know the power of it.  Even if you have never tried it before and are interested in helping your health, I am ready to meet with you!

Lynn is…

A Classical Homeopathic Practitioner; graduate of a three year degree program in Classical Homeopathy at the Homeopathic Academy of Southern California in 2003. Lynn believes in educating and helping others to achieve their best health through natural means. She is a member of the North American Society of Homeopaths, National Center for Homeopathy, Homeopathy World Community and is a public speaker and on the advisory board of the Natural Health Workshop.org. Her office is in Encinitas and makes house calls in her local community of Vista and nearby.

Email:vibranthealthhome@gmail.com or call 760.458.0640 for an appointment or to book a presentation.

Vibrant Health Homeopathy

“Achieving Optimal Health through Homeopathy and Nutrition”

Lynn Georgens is a Classical Homeopathic Practitioner, not an M.D., D.O., or licensed physician and as such does not diagnose nor prescribe. Lynn recommends that each individual have a family doctor, internist or pediatrician as their primary care physician. The State of California does not offer licenses to homeopathic medicine. Under Sections 2053.5 and 2053.6 of California’s Business and Professions Code (commonly known as the Medical Practice Act) services in homeopathy may be offered as long as certain requirements and restrictions are met. For more information, click on the link below:

Homeopathy Services, California’s Business and Professions Code

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  1. Homeopathy is a non-toxic system of western medical science originated in Germany by Dr. Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (10 April 1755 Germany- 2 July 1843 France).

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